Secret Garden Party 2011
Secret Garden Party 2011

All Photography by Nick Caro 2011 was what can only be described as a vintage year. We gave out [...]

Jul 28
proposed installation for sgp 2013
proposed installation for sgp 2013

So our favourite time of year is nearly upon us again – festival season! A carefree summertime of glittery field frolicking is teasing its way closer and closer each day, as we [...]

Jul 28
Huffington Post Blog Nov 2011

Oh to go into a gallery and just pick a piece of work, to look at it in all its fully realised 3D glory and say, “Yes, you are just what you say you are on the tin, I’ll have [...]

Jul 28
  • ROBOTS>>>>
  • Burning Man 2011
  • Secret Garden Party 2012
  • Escape2NY
  • Secret Garden Party
  • the urban fox
/ video Robots>>>>
/ video Idamov & The Dancing Girl
/ video film on ROPE HOUSE
/ video Secret Garden Party 2011


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